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Austek Pty Ltd has an inherent and total commitment to quality, across all areas of operation. We strive to ensure and maintain:

  • Staff have adequate equipment and procedures to work safely
  • A safe environment for customers, when work is being conducted
  • All completed work is of the highest and safest standards
  • Competency and skill of staff at a high level
  • Staff are competent and skilled to carry out their relevant activities
  • Compliance with all Regulatory requirements
  • Compliance with company policies by regularly auditing the work of our workers
  • Customer enquiries are attended to in a timely manner

Our business is run with a focus on sustainability and delivering on the quadruple bottom line of quality, environment, economic and cultural performance.

Austek is committed to achieving the highest levels of Quality Assurance and has been Certified for the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008.



Austek has a strong commitment to the continual improvement of our environmental, health and safety performance. We strive to operate an incident and accident free worksite, whilst being environmentally responsible.

To this end, Austek has developed and adopted a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) with the aim of minimising and, where possible, eliminating OH&S risks.

An integral part of the SMS is the use of Safe Work Management Assessments (SWMA) and similar tools to develop specific safety and environmental processes for each worksite in which we operate. Specific SWMA documents will be utilised for the actual & various scopes of work.


At Austek we aim to achieve continual environmental improvement by implementing a management system with objectives and targets to minimise our environmental footprint, by working with staff and other stakeholders with pollution prevention practices in compliance with legal and other requirements.

Our environmental management system applies to all operations and services of the Company at its head office and on site works. Staff are at all times expected to comply with the spirit of this policy in the context of the organisation in which they work. We strive to be a role model for others to follow.


Austek is committed to the development of Cultural Heritage Management Plans, to assess whether a project will have any impact on Aboriginal cultural heritage values and, as appropriate, outline management recommendations.

All reasonable and practicable measures shall be taken by Austek staff to ensure infrastructure activity does not harm Aboriginal and Torres Islander cultural heritage, including appropriate consultation with the relevant stake-holders and acceptance of a site specific Cultural Heritage Assessment Plan.

Austek is a ‘can do’ company committed to excellence, innovation and delivering outstanding customer service and satisfaction, across all areas of operation. For more information, contact Austek today on (07) 4035 5544 or email

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