Microwave Wireless & Satellite Links

We use the latest in technology including solar, satellite internet and data systems as well as microwave wireless links to provide a range of communications solutions.

Wireless microwave links are convenient and cost effective to supply communications links from central administrative locations to remote sites, which can range from a few hundred meters to kilometres apart. Options include both licenced (utilising exclusivly allocated spectrum) & un-licenced high speed data links.

This solution has been adopted by various local and regional Councils, including the Tablelands, Mareeba, Douglas, Cassowary Coast and the Cairn Regional Council to provide one seamless WAN for each of the organisations.

The Cairns Hospital also utilises this technology to enhance computer, video, VoIP and internet communications between the Hospital and its many separate allied health service facilities around Cairns.

Satellite technology is a cost-effective and reliable way of delivering television, data and voice signals in remote or “blackspot” areas. Austek installed and continues to maintain the Black Spot television solutions for the Mossman, Daintree & Cow Bay communities. These installations are partly powered by Solar panels configured to support locally generated power.


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